A tuition-free, public early college and career high school serving St. Louis City.

Our Mission

The BELIEVE Mission

BELIEVE Academy is a public college and career preparatory high school dedicated to the achievement of students in the St. Louis City area. Our mission is to develop students into leaders through a community that fosters their agency, autonomy, and acceleration— providing a foundation for future independence and success

Interested in working with us? Apply Now for 2024-2025 School Year!

We can’t wait to open our doors to 9th graders across the city of St. Louis. We need innovative, dedicated, and loving people to help us do so. Apply for a role on our team today.

See Us In Action

See Us In Action

See Us In Action

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An increase in the rate or speed of something;  I will achieve my goals sooner than the world expects.


The capability and power to act on one’s own behalf;  I am not helpless.


The freedom and ability to govern oneself;  I am the captain of my actions.