BELIEVE Schools was awarded ESSER III funds. Funds will be used in the following ways to support scholar learning loss and acceleration and to create a functional and safe learning environment. BELIEVE Schools will used funds in the following ways:

  1. To purchase digital learning platforms for in-person and remote learning. These programs will make it seamless and easily accessible for scholars who have to go back and forth between virtual and in-person.
  2. To purchase furniture to provide safe, social distant spaces throughout the building.
  3. To purchase COVID cleaning supplies and equipment to keep the building clean and safe for scholars.
  4. To cover the cost of dual enrollment for scholars who are ready for acceleration and college courses.
  5. To purchase Uniforms and clothes for McKinney Vento scholars.
  6. To purchase chromebooks/hotspots for scholars.
  7. To cover the cost of an outdoor classroom build out for a safe, socially distant classroom.