Integrated Chemistry and Physics

Integrated Chemistry and Physics

About the Class

About the Class

Course Description

Integrated Math I by Carnegie Learning is a rigorous mathematics curriculum that dives into the fundamentals of Algebra, Statistics, and Geometry. The curriculum is split into five modules that span across the entire school year. Scholars will show their knowledge through various quizzes, assessments, homework assignments, projects and more.

Course Goals

  • Scholars will be able to understand linear, exponential, quadratic, linear absolute value, and linear piecewise functions.
  • Scholars will be able to explore functions exhibiting constant change such as absolute value, linear piecewise, step, and linear inverse functions.
  • Scholars will be able to internalize exponential growth and decay.
  • Scholars will be able to collect, display, and analyze data.
  • Scholars will be able to organize two-variable categorical data into two-way frequency tables and look for trends in the data.
  • Scholars will be able to define translations, reflections, and rotations in terms of parallel lines, perpendicular bisectors, and arcs.
  • Scholars will be able to use rigid motions to prove three triangle congruence theorems.

Course Standards

Integrated Math Common Core Standards

Anastasia Ndahayo

Office Hours

3:35PM - 4:30PM

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