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Join the BELIEVE Team

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Who We Are

We are Trailblazers. Diverse. Innovative. Motivated. Focused. Kind.

BELIEVE Schools, Inc. is driven to make the world a better place by educating and accelerating its scholars through individualized personal development, college and career readiness, and social activism.

We are a community passionate about scholar success, and we BELIEVE that all scholars can learn and grow to be independent and influential citizens within their local and global communities.

We are a dedicated, passionate, and innovative team focused on supporting the whole scholar in an equitable, safe, and self-governing environment.

We celebrate vulnerability with the goal of growth.

We innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible for our scholars and staff. Employee voices are encouraged and heard. Everyone contributes.

We share insights and experiences from our diverse backgrounds, which are valued and integral to our school culture.

We are responsible for our scholars’ FUTURE. We work closely with our scholars to ensure they successfully complete high school and earn an associate’s degree or career certification. We support their development into young professionals, and we ensure they leave us ready to earn a livable wage!

2023 – 2024

Career Progression

Career Progression

  • Personal & Professional Growth
  • Mentorship & Professional Development

  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Challenge & Impact

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & Benefits

  • Bonus & Stipends

  • Health & Retirement Plan

  • Strategic Vacations

  • Multiple Planning Periods



  • Mission Focused

  • Positive Work Space

  • Long Term Impact

  • Village Model

  • Innovative



  • Diverse

  • Social & Emotional Supports

  • Growing Network

The BELIEVE Hiring Process

  • Submit your Resume and Supporting Documents

  • Phone Conversation

  • Onward in the Process

  • Final Interview Day

  • Offer Day